We are HarvestAnd we're changing the way you donate the things you no longer need, to help families and charities THRIVE.  Your donations make a difference in the lives of people and charities right in your own neighborhood. We believe that people are more willing

to donate things when they see the impact directly. 

 With your help, we bring hope, integrity, and peace of mind where it's needed most.  

Helping Charities Thrive
Your donated, unneeded household items are "harvested", reused, repurposed, and shared with a local family in need who's starting life over. Local agencies come to Harvest to supply families with the basics of daily living. We give people hope, integrity, and a new start. 

We're the largest consuming society in global history. We don't need everything we have. There's a new awareness that "less is more"; that it's easy to give a little of what we have to make someone's life better. Harvest's role in the sharing economy helps you get your unneeded possessions to others.  Help us, won't you?

Your better quality donated items are sold, funding the charity of your choice. From a single, valuable piece, to an entire estate, we help people downsize, and donate their accumulated and unneeded belongings to make a difference for others.

Social media has been a key to our growth. Take a look at the stories, impact, and fun we're having making a difference  by clicking here.  

Help Us Grow
Harvest Your Stuff

Donate to help families. Donate to help charities. It's easy.  Whether you're downsizing to declut​ter and simplify life, or you're forced to downsize in a life transition, we're here to help you harvest your belongings to 

make impact with us in "The Sharing Economy".  

Reach us on email: info@harvesthelps.org

Harvest Offices and Warehouse: 612-808-8888