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About Us

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Our Mission: To repurpose donated, unneeded household goods, clothing and furniture, to benefit charities and the lives of those in need. 

It’s a simple idea:  In our aging population, elderly parents and their children are dealing with life transition, downsizing, and moving.  Left behind is a lifetime of accumulated belongings.  Add to that the fact that so many people (post recession) have a strong sense of cultural change to a more simplified way of living. "Less is more". "Slow down". "What we own, owns us".

Harvest was founded to answer important questions: “When we don't need or want it anymore, what are we going to do with all this stuff?”

Harvest of Minnesota provides critical and very unique services to the community.

  • Give peace of mind to families in life transition, with a one-call service that comes into the home, clears out, and picks up all the unneeded, donated belongings.
  • Repurpose, reuse, and share  household goods, furniture, and clothing to individuals and families starting life over after difficult life circumstances.  
  • Sell the better quality donated items to help cover the cost of trucking, moving crews, warehouse and logistics.

We sense a shift back to community.  More than becoming a cultural phenomenon, we at Harvest see change coming.  The new social economy creates opportunity for people to give back, simply, right in their own  neighborhood, for the benefit of the people and charities that surround them.  We're changing the way you donate, so that local families get the food, clothing and household goods they need to live in integrity with hope and peace of mind.